Friday, April 12, 2013

Modification Honda Estilo 1994, Improving Quality up Throwing away boredom

Accurate strategy with changing performance from vehicle brand of honda type estilo product in 1994 give many effect to throw away boring when in drive chamber during for hours in every day.
Interior firstest get touch to be upgraded. its factory loaded audio is mutated with new audio ware more booms out and configuried well with elegant concept. New Bekleding from brand of MB Tech Camaro model of Garson facedowned well wraping seat up, doortrim, ceiling, and floor till audio box at hind baggage. variation accesories, ceiling lamp and pedal set with carpet by steel model bordes product of R type is applied well in cabin. other support ware and to cross illusion world of internet surfing, one laptop is applied complete with the battery admission filling installation.

not only up grading interior, outside look is also payed. grill custom handmade from chromium wraped iron is made to accustom its body kit. red bright color from Sikken is painted to entire body that in past has been changed to shavedoor in door lock system. formation rimm 18" of Replika Auto Culture brand wrapped with rubber of Nankang Ultra Sport 215/35.
Modification list:
- Interior bekleding set
- MB Tech Camaro model of Garson
- stir Momo
- shift knob : Momo
- head unit: DVD Pioneer DVH P5850MP
_ power: Soundstream P-5600
- speaker: Venom, Pearles
subwoofer : P-1 Punch

ream: 18" replica auto culture
door style : doortrim

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